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William A. Wellman

Queer Author & Podcaster


William A. Wellman (they/them) is a queer author and podcaster, best known for creating the award-winning horror podcast
Hello From The Hallowoods,

and tie-in novels like the upcoming 

One Hundred Eyes In The Dark.

William has lived beside frozen mountains, castles, and volcanoes, and can now be found wandering the beach near the abandoned lighthouse in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

They can also be found giving writing advice on other podcasts, playing in tabletop game livestreams, voicing characters in audio drama, and running their Patreon-exclusive author interview series The Skull Sessions.

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In addition to their work on Hello From The Hallowoods, William guests on other shows to voice characters, play games, and talk about writing and queer representation in horror.



William writes, voices, and produces Hello From The Hallowoods, a weekly fiction podcast which merges horror genre tropes with explorations of queer love, identity, and grief. The omnipresent Nikignik narrates short and increasingly connected stories about the inhabitants of the forest at the end of the world. 


The show has won seven Audio Verse Awards for writing, storytelling, and sound design, and received nominations for the People's Choice Best LGTBQ+ Podcast Of The Year and the Discover Pods Best Fiction Podcast. You can learn more about the show on the Hello From The Hallowoods website. 

Production for the show, as well as its connected novels and story projects, is entirely crowd-funded by its listeners. You can find bonus stories, behind-the-scenes and more on the Hallowoods Patreon



William's writing falls into the categories of horror and 'New Weird' fiction, blending elements from the horror and speculative fiction genres with themes of queer love, identity, and grief.


A debut novel is expected for publication in 2023: 'One Hundred Eyes In The Dark' serves as a standalone story, set in the world of Hello From The Hallowoods.  

For June 2022, they sat down for an interview with Eerie River Publishing on LGBTQ+ representation.


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