William A. Wellman

Queer Author & Writing Coach

Writing Coach

If you're struggling to get your story out of your head and onto the page, you're not alone.

It's surprisingly common for writers to have trouble finding the time, motivation, or confidence to finish their stories.

A writing coach helps you clarify your goals, break projects into achievable steps, and works with you to help you complete them.


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William A. Wellman is a queer author and writing coach, with a focus on horror and creative fiction. 
Their writing blends themes of queer identity with classic horror tropes, resulting in new and sometimes bittersweet stories.

A background in business marketing helps inform their work as a writing coach, assisting authors not only with committing to goals, but encouraging them to succeed in the online world.

William's writing projects include short stories for anthology publication, a novel in progress, and an ongoing fiction podcast.

At this time they can most often be found with a typewriter beneath the trees in Parc La Fontaine in Montreal, or in a coffee shop of suitable proximity.


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