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William writes queer horror and weird fiction. Here are some of the places it's cropped up.


A queer horror podcast.

William writes, voices and produces this award-winning weekly horror saga for audio drama listeners to tune in to. 

A queer horror novel.

A girl with terrible nightmares and an eldritch nightmare god team up to fight America's most popular televangelist in the late 70's. This novel coming 2024.

Guest writer.

Wrote and voiced the guest segment 'Buzzing in Brighton' in episode 57 of the horror podcast Monstrous Agonies.

Guest writer.

Wrote and voiced the guest segment 'Envy' in the audio drama showcase Kill FM 3.

Contributing writer.

Wrote a set of five connected drabbles for Eerie River Publishing's Dark Magic anthology.

Contributing writer.

Wrote mirror-related horror story "The Other Sunny" for Eerie River Publishing's Midnight Shadows anthology.


Voice Acting.

Beyond their work in Hello From The Hallowoods, William voices characters in other odd and spooky shows.


Voice of Elder Hosea.

William has multiple appearances as old acolyte of The Rock, Elder Hosea. 

Voice of Chuck Harm and Acolyte Walter.

William plays Neshite News Anchor Chuck Harm, as well as short-lived acolyte Walter earlier in the show.

Voice of Fly Scientist.

Wrote and voiced the guest segment 'Buzzing in Brighton' in episode 57 of the horror podcast Monstrous Agonies.

Voice of Aaron Gagnon.

Voiced terrified ward Aaron in this froggy horror story.

Played recurring character Green Plot in Seasons 1 and 2 of Department of Variance.

Voice of Green Plot.

Voice of Shadow.

Played recurring character Shadow in several episodes of Woe.Begone. 

Voice of O.T.D.

Played recurring bit character Ominous Taxi Driver in several episodes of Stench of Adventure.

Voice of Aberford Tackmansworth.

Plays minor character Abersford in Eeler's Choice.

Voice Acting


William plays characters in live roleplaying games or Actual Plays.

As Albrecht Dunst.

Plays memory vampire Albrecht Dunst in this Triangle Agency game with the cast of The Department of Variance of Somewhere, Ohio.

As Isaiah Trawley.

Plays mysterious fisherman Isaiah Trawley in this five-part Call of Cthulhu coastal horror adventure on the Invictus Stream.

As Thurston Landry.

Plays old theater actor Thurston Landry in this improvised game on The Invictus Stream.

As Brother Lark.

Plays trigger-happy clerical cowboy Brother Lark in this two-part Dogs In The Vineyard game on The Invictus Stream.

As Dungeon Master.

Created and ran a Mork Borg one-shot for the cast of The Invictus Stream.

As Ev Tanner.

Plays suspicious old lady Ev Tanner in this SAW-inspired horror one-shot.

As John Abner.

Plays business-forward manager John Abner in this unhinged battle between Corporate and Hell.

As Phyllis Fitzgerald.

Plays summer camp crafts enthusiast Phyllis in this game of Camp Flying Moose for Girls of All Kinds in 'Episode 20: The REAL Camp Rock' with Strong Branching Out.

As Elgin Callows.

Plays nervous forest explorer Elgin Callows in 'Episode 46: Drink Antiseptic' in a game of Los Arboles with the Hope's Hearth crew..

As Cemetery Gates.

Plays deathly grave guardian Cemetery 'Terry' Gates in this chaotic Dungeons and Dragons one-shot.

As Doors.

Plays tech knowhow Doors in this 'The Thing' inspired horror 3-part adventure on the Invictus Stream.

Roleplaying Games


William sometimes is invited to talk about podcasting, writing and so forth.


Author panel.

A talk with Emily Kellogg (Parkdale Haunt), B. Narr (The Silt Verses), Tonia Ransom (Nightlight), and hosted by Nathan Lurz (Reckless Attack).

Podcast interview.

An interview on 'The First Episode Of', talking about beginnings with podcasting.

Horror hypotheticals.

Sat down to describe how Sleepless in Seattle could become a horror film.

Podcast interview.

An interview with 'Hyperfixations' about horror writing.

Podcast interview.

Talking about queer representation and horror podcasting.

Podcast interview.

Ears are the worst place to find a friend.

Podcast interview.

About author challenges and finding your own tack.

About Pride and writing queer horror fiction.

Written interview.

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